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Dec 8, 2013 5:45pm EST
down. he is going to propose a number of tax cuts or tax preferences as well as spending increases to try to do that and that may exacerbate the short-term but then he pivoted which i think is important to talk about the structural deficit. and that is what threatens the state. it's not the ice that is above the water. it's the ice that is below the water. it's not the debt on the balance sheet, it is what is off the balance sheet that disrupts the future and he talked about three things, he talked about freezing a portion of discretionary spending, less than 20% of the federal budget for three years. three years is better than one book, and you know, frankly it is a modest first step especially since discretionary spending has increased 20% plus over the last two years in the second we talked about supporting the pedro rule the senate might be voting on right now. there's lots of holes big enough to drive a truck through and on the other hand it does provide some come strains that otherwise wouldn't be there so i think it is a modest step forward. third and most important he came
Dec 8, 2013 4:45pm EST
million. they've decided we have to get our tax exemption. saturday go about it? been launched 2400 lawsuit against the irs and individual agents. they hired private detectives to go around to conferences where they trail people and find out who's drinking too much, who was sleeping around to publish articles in the magazines about this and pass them the steps of 1111 constitution avenue, which is headquarters of the irs. they intimidated the irs. now whatever the merits of their case, those were the facts that surrounded their getting a tax exemption. it was -- you know, i just said they owed a billion dollars. the irs prime and $12 million did they forget the billion dollars. they gave them the authority to decide on their own which parts of the church are actually tax exempt. they even made our ron hubbard's novels scriptures those are also tax the m. it was such a thoroughgoing that very. it's hard to even imagine. bear in mind, the irs is not the best equipped agency. but they are the only agency that has that authority. once the irs made that finding, the vast protections of t
Dec 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
that was not paying taxes in america and using the old mantra no taxation without representation, i thought that i should get our try and get american citizenship. so i applied for small for a green card which it did not kid. and you have to wait five years once you get a green card. applying for citizenship. and i finally did that in 27 -- 2011. i was called to my interview there. there are things, into a bride in english. want to make sure you complete. but they turned general knowledge questions about america, the first of which i managed to screw up rarely did he simply wanted to know. and without thinking had plated of america the beautiful and the immigration officer said it will she was not what it is which is the star spangled banner, but i'm afraid that's one wrong. you've only got nine more chances. a distinct possibility vimy denied permission. and then was one man. complicated story helicon about. they have not talked to people to take the oath on the after deck of the u.s.s. constitution which is this wonderful sailing vessel, the oldest commission water should actually in the world.
Dec 7, 2013 12:00pm EST
. everybody depended on the mine. it affected everybody's live. the taxes supported the schools and library and paid for uniforms in the marching broadband. and employed students in thesumthe su summer and provided thousands of scholarships for the kids. the affect -- effect -- on the mine closing was devastating. there were labor strikes and i write about a big one. and all of the men voted to work three days a week so everybody could work, but when the mine closed down, no one would believe it. they tried to get people to come in and buy it. a company called gulf resources bought it. and they were getting the best out. and then the epa came in and said you cannot keep doing what you are doing. and in between the way the gulf resources and the epa managed them they closed it down and it was a super fund site. the epa tries to keep the air and water clean. this town didn't have clean air or water. so there were lots of poisons that were spread out on the ground. and this one company was mana managing the mine, there was a bag house fire and that is where many poisons were taking out of the
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4